VISION As Luxera, Our primary reason for existence is to make the collection welive in have permanent values. The main task weassign to ourselves is not to build buildings, but to bring works to life. It is a bridge between today and the future that is quality, reliable, robustand profitable. That's why we look back and see how right weare, and with those who prefer us, we move with greater confidence in the future.

MISSION As an organization that offers new lifestyles to its customers, our mission is to transform our experience in different sectors into a happier one. The place we want to be in the future is not the first order of the big company list but the head of our customers' hearts. For this reason, Luxera builds its future on the happiness of its families, rather than pure numerical values.

OUR VALUES The most important element that shapes our values is the sensitivity of our society, which we are proud to be a part of. For this reason, our priority primordia will never compromise on our honest and reliable line. We act with transparency principle in all processes to create a trust based relationship with our customers, our employees and all our people.